Have a good weekend

The next NCEA Rep Council meeting is Tuesday, January 15, at 4:00 in The Bistro which is located off the Commons at Hoover High School. All members are welcome.

Just a reminder that there are several events sponsored by ECOEA for you. February 9 is the Retirement Workshop and March 8 is the Legislative Dinner. Both events are being held at the the Courtyard Marriott at Belden Village, a most convenient location for NCEA members. Also, the date to apply for the Quinn Scholarships offered by ECOEA is March 1. Please visit the East Central website for more details at http://ecoea.ohea.org for more details.


OEA’s Response to School Safety Opinion


The following is from Ohio Education Association President Patricia Frost-Brooks regarding Ohio Attorney General DeWine’s statement on school security:

The Ohio Education Association welcomes Attorney General Mike DeWine’s work to make sure safety plans are up to date and on file for all Ohio schools, and we agree school safety must be a paramount issue. Each school district should develop its plan, train relevant personnel and make careful decisions on school safety and security measures.

However, teachers and other school employees should not be asked to serve a dual role, armed with concealed weapons to face school intruders as Mr. DeWine suggests. We are focused on student success and providing quality education to students. Policy makers should re-examine the expanded availability of weapons in public places, not add schools to the list. Instead of arming educators, they can enhance school safety with more counselors, better mental health services and partnering with local police to deter violence in schools.






Ohio Teachers Call for Submssions

The Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA) invites electronic submissions from active and retired OEA members for its annual print literary magazine, Ohio Teachers Write. This publication seeks to promote both poetry and prose of Ohio teachers and to provide an engaging collection of writing for our readership of educators and other like-minded adults. Magazine Submission Guidelines: Teachers may submit poetry or prose totaling no more than 1,500 words by January 31st.

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Retirement News

Long awaited changes to the STRS Pension Plan were signed into law on September 26. These changes will help strengthen and ensure pension benefits for current and future retirees. Are you thinking about retirement? Plan on attending the ECOEA Retirement Workshop being held at the Courtyard Marriott at Belden Village on Saturday, February 9, 2013. Sign in begins at 8:45 AM followed by a full breakfast. The program begins at 9:30 AM with brief presentations from NEA Member Benefits and OEA retired. Then attendees will split into their respective retirement groups. A representative from both STRS and SERS will be here to answer your questions and provide information to help you make educated decisions about retirement. To sign up, go to the East Central website using the link on this page. You can submit questions on the registration page that will be answered during the session. There is a $10 reservation fee that is returned to you when you arrive. If you would like a spouse or friend to attend with you, there is a $15 nonrefundable charge for that reservation. Please note, this is NOT individual counseling. You must make an individual reservation through the STRS website for personal counseling.

Regardless of whether you attend the workshop or not, STRS Board member Tim Myers recently addressed the ECOEA Representative Assembly and strongly encouraged any member who might be able to purchase service credit to start the application now. You do NOT have to make the purchase now but by making the application, you ensure that you will be able to purchase it at current rates. He anticipates that future STRS changes will make purchasing servce credit unaffordable. If you have an application that predates any changes, you can purchase it at the current rates. Don’t procrastinate on this one!

The STRS website has an Updated Benefits Estimate Calculator available for you to use. By submitting your information, you can get a general idea of what your monthly retirement benefit will be. Fun to play with and see the impact of working longer. Go to: https://www.strsoh.org/v3prdcalc/app?service=external/Client:NonSecureCalcPSCOptions